Goddess Yoni Oil

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Product description

Use for passion, pleasure, and daily maintenance!

  • Relieves itching, and discomfort 
  • Helps with vagina dryness 
  • Prevent ingrown hair 
  • Vagina odor

Essential Oil used includes: Oregano essential oil, Clove buds, sweet orange essential oil, tea tree, and vitamin E, Aleo Vera.

All ingredients are natural and refreshing for your yoni.


Customer Reviews

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Smells so good keeps me fresh and yummy all day


I love this product, the smell is very faint, can hardly smell it. If the smell could be over powering then it's a 10 but I'll give the product a solid 7. Packaging was a 10


My favorite !

Maria Urbina
Gave me my sex life back!

Back in 2017 I got a Partial hysterectomy because of cancerous cells. Since then I’ve experienced very bad vaginal dryness. Even when I wanted to be intimate with my husband it was really hard as we would both hurt, because it would be so dry even when I would be turned on. I recently purchased this magical Yoni oil! And OMG! I found the holy grail! I put 3 drops and it was enough to last me a lifetime! It got my Kitty so “moisturized” and the best thing is we both enjoyed our love making again! The passion we both love it came back because of this oil! I am crying & I am so thankful to the owner of this brand! You have a customer for life!! For life!! Thank you so much for helping those that need it! Either for medical reasons or any other reasons such as spicing up the bedroom as well! Looking forward for those body scrubs now! 🥰🥺🥹🫡🙌🙌🙌 and body oils as well! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

-Excited customer! 🥰

Yarimar Olivo-Camacho

Goddess Yoni Oil